The Tails of Traveling

Posted June 6, 2016

Doc and Dianne give practical but important tips about traveling with your pet.

I’ve learned in these recent years that traveling with pets is much like traveling with children: It’s very important to be prepared for situations that may arise, and they have practical needs that need to be tended to. The time spent with Doc and Dianne was much appreciated, as summer trips are upon us. Many of these tips may seem like common sense, but can be easily forgotten in the busy shuffle of traveling.

Some helpful points to remember:

-Leash your pet before opening the door at rest stops— the most obedient animal will be tempted to go after a curiosity after being cooped up, and this is a great danger to your pet and others as well.

-Don’t let your pet out where other dogs have gone to the potty— they can become sick or bring nasty germs back into the vehicle.

-Don’t crack your windows for cats— you’d be surprised; they can get out of the tiniest spaces.

-Have fresh water on hand for them, and be prepared for frequent rest stops.

-In preparation for a trip, feed your pets a negligible amount of food, especially if they are prone to motion sickness. Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic carries medication that will help prevent nausea and will not have the negative side effects of sedation.

-Cars heat up in seconds— do not leave your pets in the car that isn’t running the air conditioning even for a moment. If you stop at a restaurant or rest area, bring an extra set of keys so that you can leave the car running and lock it for safety.

-Most importantly, you can never ever be too cautious! As the old saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A great alternative to traveling with your pet is to board them. Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic can keep your pet safe, comfortable and happy while you’re away! We are offering a special for our newsletter readers: board your dog or cat with us for 3 nights, and get the 4th night FREE! See details in the green box below.

Check out the special message from Doc and Dianne and stay tuned to the end for the out-takes… Did you know your Veterinarian was such a comedian?!

Call the office at (864) 232-6445 if you would like to inquire about the motion-sickness medication mentioned in the video, to book your pet’s stay with us in boarding, or with any questions you may have.