Do Dogs and Cats Have Allergies, Too?

Posted March 8, 2015
Doc on Allergies

Doc tells us how we can keep our pets comfortable this Spring Season.


Yellow clouds are beginning to form and a buttery haze is settling over your car. It’s that wonderful time of the year, when many of us begin to sneeze accompanied with itchy eyes and a Kleenex box is a constant companion. Have you ever wondered if our pets are prone to the same allergies? After all, their short legs keep them right atop the pollen littered across the grass and pavement.

The answer is yes, dogs and cats are susceptible to allergies, just as people are.  Animals handle allergies differently than we do; generally, most allergens in dogs and cats are going to be skin related.

“Allergies in dogs to pollens generally will cause skin problems, such as itchiness, raw skin, chewing of feet, rubbing of the muzzle, pawing at the ears—as opposed to respiratory symptoms like we get with coughing and sneezing,” says Dr. McElveen. “Far and away, the biggest allergy we are going to encounter in dogs and cats is fleas… It’s important to use flea control, monthly and year-round, in our environment.”

Doc warns against self-diagnosing the cause of your pet’s symptoms; treating the symptoms without knowing the origin of the issue will not solve the problem. A simple flea treatment will not undo the harm caused to the skin of the animal, and antihistamines will only sedate the animals and make them drowsy, not curing the itch and discomfort the animal is experiencing. It’s also worth noting that just as all humans are not predisposed to allergies, not all animals have allergies, either. It’s best to make an appointment for your pet if you feel that they have symptoms such as itching, biting, and scratching, so that the proper treatment may be determined for your dog and cat.

It is not hard to get your pet comfortable this Spring season. If they are suffering from allergies, there may need to be medical intervention to fix the source of the problem. Your dog or cat does not need to suffer and itch! Make an appointment today by calling us at (864) 232-6445 so your animal can be seen and treated according to their needs.

To see Doc’s message about seasonal allergies, click on the photo above or visit this link.