Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic, Inc. has state-of-the-art radiographic equipment. The digital computerized images produce extreme detail and clarity, allowing better visualization of the internal structures. This ability also allows us to e-mail the images to specialists for consultations and second opinions.


Over the lifetime of your pet, it is likely that they will have at least one major medical problem. These problems are defined as conditions that can be treated without the need for surgery. Common medical problems include Diabetes, Hyperadrenocorticism, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, and Chronic Kidney Disease.

At Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic, Inc., we offer a wide range of in-house diagnostics for rapid patient results. For more complicated tests or cases in which confirmation of in house results is needed samples are sent to an outside laboratory. Medical work-ups can take time, and you should plan on leaving your pet for the day if extensive testing is needed.