A Groomed Pet is a Healthy Pet!

Posted August 4, 2014

When I first brought my labradoodle to Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic to be groomed, Jan stepped through the door and lovingly leashed Ella. Giving her a good head rub, she asked me how I’d like her hair to be styled, and gave me some good options, as I came from the mindset of minimal grooming because I liked Ella’s hair long (even though it got matted). I learned from Jan that it’s actually better for Ella’s skin—and more comfortable for her— when I keep her groomed on a regular schedule. Jan’s expertise spans over 20 years, and I’m certainly glad she educated me on what’s best for my dog (and Ella thanks her, too)!

Jan spent some time telling me about why regular grooms are important for pets, and also explained the benefits a client gets when they get their groom at Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic.

“We may pick up on things that you really don’t pick up on at home, and it allows for a quick health check,” she reassured. “Things like ear infections or skin irritations, or fleas… ticks, clogged anal glands or growths you may not be aware of – so this gives us a chance to go over them with you.”

Did you know that Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic offers complimentary nail trims and ear cleaning with all grooms? You also get a professional bath for all coat types and skin types. Only quality shampoos are used… deep cleansing, degreasing, hypoallergenic, and medicated shampoos will be used, tailored to the need of your pet.
“Our Groomers have over 20 years of experience, so you can be rest assured that you are getting good, quality care for your pet,” Jan said. And I am absolutely sure I will never take Ella anywhere else!

Call Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic today at (864) 232-6445 so that your pet can look and feel their best!

Check out the video where Jan took some time to tell me the importance of getting pets groomed!

Clare Sifford works for Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic in marketing and her black labradoodle, Ella, is a client of the Clinic.