Fall Toxins and Your Pet

Posted October 6, 2014

Fall is a favorite time of year for many, as the crisp weather invites you to enjoy being outdoors. In this month’s video, Doc highlights some important factors to be aware of as your pet roams about the yard.

Mushrooms: Common mushrooms are generally not toxic, but can be highly irritating to the animal’s stomach and can make them ill and feel very poorly. It’s a good idea to go ahead and pull them up and toss them out if you see them in your yard.

Acorns: Many animals love to sniff and chew and ingest acorns. They aren’t necessarily toxic but if they aren’t chewed and the shells cracked, ingested acorns can cause blockages in the intestinal tract. They can also cause the animal to become ill because of the bitterness of the shell and the meat of the nut.

Rodenticides: Mice and other small rodents typically seek warmth in homes during these chilly months, so many of us are placing traps or poisons out to be rid of them. These are highly poisonous and dangerous to our pets, so please be aware of the types of chemicals you’re placing around your home, and if possible, know what methods your neighbors are using if your pet roams.

Decaying Leaves: Piles of leaves and yard waste can begin to decay and mold if they sit long enough. Keep an eye on your pet if they begin to sniff around those piles, because ingestion of this matter can be toxic and irritating to the gut.

Keep an eye on your animals to keep them safe and happy this Fall! Call Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic if you feel your pet has ingested a toxin at (864) 232-6445.

For more information about Fall Toxins, visit the Pet Poison Hotline website.

Join us as we spoke with Dr. McElveen about Fall Toxins to be aware of by clicking here to view the video.