Sixteen Years Strong: Pill Landing, Veterinary Office Administrator

Posted November 5, 2016

Whether you’ve been coming to Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic for one week or for any length of time over the past 16 years, you’ve met Pill Landing. She is one of the first faces you see when you walk through the door, along with two of her dogs that “work” at Pleasantburg Vet. (You didn’t know dogs could have a job, too?…Well, read on!)

“I started here doing kennels in the mornings and in the afternoon, I’d be a veterinary technician,” Pill recalls of her earlier days at the Clinic. “Then, I progressed to the front reception desk and I also am a relief tech when I’m needed.”

I’ve noticed this common thread with the staff at Pleasantburg Vet Clinic. They are a true team, filling in the gaps wherever and whenever they are needed. You can sense the care they have for one another; every person knows what it’s like to do the job their co-worker is doing. 

Pill’s day begins early, as she’s the first person to step through the door at 8 o’clock. She begins by checking in customers for Grooming and Boarding, as well as other morning appointments, and her day flies by as she schedules, checks folks out, and answers the never-ending phone calls. To which she adds, “There are so many calls, but people have questions about all kinds of things, and I want to help them as much as I can!

“The best thing is when someone comes in and they think their animal is dying and we can say ‘Yeah, we can fix that,’” Pill beams as I ask her about her favorite part of her job. “These dogs that have the Canine Geriatric Vestibular Syndrome, the owners think they had a stroke because they can’t eat or walk… and we can tell them we can fix them.”

I got a glimpse of just how big her heart is when I asked her about her pets. “I have four horses, four dogs, three cats, two goats and a fish. No! …I have five cats because I’ve taken these two kittens in… You’ve got to read this letter.” She showed me a scrawled out letter written on a piece of lined notebook paper by a young girl who recently lost her mother, and because of the new living situation, was forced to leave two kittens at the doorstep of Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic. “Of course I had to take them, of course I did,” Pill tenderly explained. “So yeah, now I’ve got FIVE cats!” Her grin shows me that they have already become a part of her family.

Two of those family members, Cave and Mocha, were at the office doing their “rounds” as we chatted. “They are our official greeters!” Pill tells me. “And testers. They show dogs how to take their medication.” As if on cue, Mocha walks in to show me her skills. I’d say she is doing her job pretty well… the picture says it all.

Something you may not know about the special care that Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic provides is a loving recovery. “I take care of the animals when they come out of surgery, in the front office. Coming up is hard for them. When they start waking up, they are disoriented, scared, in pain, and it’s hard for them. We sit them right with us and pet them and talk to them. That’s recovery.

Personal care. Devoted, team oriented staff. These are just a few reasons why we keep bringing our loved furry friends to Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic. Say hello to Pill the next time you’re in… and don’t forget to look for Cave and Mocha, as they do their daily jobs around the office!

Call the office at (864) 232-6445 to make your next appointment, to book your pet’s stay with us in boarding, or with any questions you may have.