Professional Pet Stylist and Pet Groomers with a combined 48 years of experience will ensure that your pet is in the best of care. We have a heart for what we do and for the one we care for. Medical and sedation services are always available through our veterinary department if needed.

FULL GROOMS by our professional pet stylists include all breed haircuts and clips as described by breed standards or mixed breed styling to your taste.

BATHS and GROOMS include:
– Choice of shampoo (Moisturizing Shampoo with Condition, Oatmeal, Whitening, Medicated per Veterinarian (extra fee), Flea & Tick Shampoo, or Hypoallergenic Shampoo/Conditioners)
– Brush out
– Nails Trimmed, Dremeled as Needed
– Sanitary Trim
– Ears Plucked
– Anals Expressed

Extra options:
– Capstar for 100% Flea Kill
– Dematting, Deshedding, Furminator

In a hurry? A la carte options:
– Nail Trim
– Sanitary Clip
– Face Trim
– Shave Pads

Look great guaranteed, you will be awed by our pet stylists! Contact our clinic for pricing.