Is Your Pet Safe From Parasites?

Posted May 4, 2014

Doc talks about parasites and how to protect your pet.

Dr. Darryl McElveen, better known around Pleasantburg Vet Clinic as “Doc,” took some time to tell us about the critical importance of flea and tick control during this warmer time of year.

“Parasite related problems (fleas and secondarily ticks) are the greatest problems we see during these warm weather months,” Dr. McElveen cautioned. “Fleas and ticks can cause severe problems, not just the anemias from the bloodsucking, but can cause dermatological problems: itching, allergies, skin infections; so it becomes very important to do something monthly so that your pet will be protected.”

With all of the products on the market, the decisions are hard to make. Doc showed us the products carried at the Clinic, and told us that all of the products are extremely effective—they just have different purposes and do different things.

The main differences are what the medications treat (there are combinations that treat heart worm & fleas; fleas & ticks; or fleas only), the way the medications are administered (topically or orally) and the fragrance if they are topical. Doc pointed out that there isn’t a product that will treat all three in one.

“There isn’t a do-all, one-all for everyone; we have to assess your situation, figure out your risk of [parasite] exposure, and make recommendations for what suits you best,” assures Doc.

Most importantly, though? Doc says that the most critical thing is that you do use a flea control product this summer. Call Pleasantburg Vet Clinic today so that we can customize the best parasite control for your dog or cat at (864) 232-6445.

Join us as we spoke with Dr. McElveen about his recommended parasite control products by clicking here to view the video.

Products shown in the video:

Flea & Heartworm control for Dogs:
-Trifexis (given orally)
-Revolution (given topically)

Flea & Heartworm control for Cats:
-Advantage Multi (given topically)
-Revolution (given topically)

Flea & Tick control for Dogs:
-Frontline Tritak (given topically)
-Activyl (given topically)
-Vectra3D (given topically)
-NexGard (given orally)

Flea control only:
-Comfortis (given orally)
-Vectra (given topically)