Is Your Pet Blowing Its Coat?

Posted April 4, 2014

We caught up with Diane Hembree, a veterinary technician at Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic, who gave us some very important information about dogs and cats coats in the Spring. Have you noticed that your pet’s fur is starting to shed a bit more? Well, it’s highly likely he is “blowing his coat,” which means that he is losing his winter layer in preparation for his summer coat. Smokey the dog was obliged to assist in our talk about the importance of grooming at this critical time of the year.

“If you don’t get all this out and keep him brushed, it will mat up in knots and fleas and mosquitoes will bite him and make him itch,” Diane explained as she ran her fingers through Smokey’s fur. “They can actually get hotspots due to not being groomed properly, and they will get maggots if they are outside dogs a lot of times.”

Diane told us that the sooner you get your pet groomed, the better. “You should do it before it mats. All of [the blown fur] will come out very easily, but once it turns into knots, you have to shave them totally down. They may have to go on antibiotics [if you wait too long], and it’s very painful for them.”

So please don’t wait! Keep your pet looking and feeling its best… call and make your appointment today to get your special friend groomed at the Clinic at (864) 271-1676. As an extra incentive to care for your furry one, first timers get 50% off their groom! If you’re a repeat customer, be sure to share this with a friend and be a part of our referral program and receive a special Pleasantburg Veterinary Clinic gift.

Watch the video of our talk with Diane and Smokey by clicking here.